The People’s  Association -Golden Dawn,  usually  known simply  as Golden Dawn(Greek :χρυση αυγη), is  a right-wing extremist political organization in greece.Scholars and media descibe it as neo-Nazi  and fascist , although  the group   rejects  these labels.   WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia.                             The neo-nazi party of greece has experienced  a significant rise in popularity, over the past 2-3 years  with some polls placing  it  in the  second place  above  20%-22%  of the votes.                                                                                                    All started ,in December 1980,when the founder (michaloliakos) and  a group of  supporters  launched Chrysi Avgi  magazine , focused    on    National   socialism. Most of the greek  people  and around  the   european continent ,didn’t  know its  existence  until 2005 and later.                                                              At the very  beginning ,the organization don’t have  a connection  with the  political  ideology  of the greek  people.                                                                                Today, the  “ideology” and  “philosophy”  of the organization  is  related to  violence  against  all immigrants , ethnic minorities ,even  political opponents  in order to  “protect”  the country’s  heritage (Greek culture-civilization- philosophy-ancient greeks),  from  the other-nationalities’  blood   “contamination”.                                                                                                              How we get here? The neo- Nazis ,almost,  party-opposition  in the  greek  parliament?  What is next?  Neo-Nazi ,  greek goverment ?                                         Mainly  there are  three reasons:A) The negative impact of the  greek economy(financial   greek crisis). B) The general believe  that immigrants  undermine  the nation’s culture .C)The lack of  safety  and security,mostly, in   the big cities,  in  other words -to simplify- the  causes are :unemployment-xenophobia-poverty.                                                                                   As far as the  safety-security issue is  concerned  ,it is ,actually  true , the historic capital(downtown Athens),  has turned in a dirty ,drug use, poverty, sanitary hazards, crime,prostitution, and in general an unsafe place.                 I  am staying some months of the year in Athens and  i’ve seen this ,  and , yes , there is an increased  number  of burglars,robbers, due to immigrants.                The problem is  the  unprotected  northern borders  and European Union  must   help   and   provide a different immigration policy .The number of the  immigrants, also, must be downgraded.  A small nation(Greece)  of  eleven million people, just, can’t have two miilion  immigrants in a financial crisis situation.The country ,no longer, has   enough jobs to feed its own people.Due to  severe  financial  crisis, thousands of  greek  families  lost  the   middle  class  status, after  many  years of  prosperity. From  the  other side ,  there is  a rising   number  of    illegal  immigrants ,trying to  survive  in   not  a  friendly   environment. That  creates   a  “Perfect  Storm”   for  violance    and the rise of  the  far-right group.  The financial crisis has  changed  the country dramatically. People trust and support  the activities of   Golden  Dawn    because,  have no  faith in  the  current  political system.The  group replaces  police and government  services  in  poor areas ,where,  the state  has almost  ceased to function. The organization has links to  active  and retired  police and military officers. Poor  people  getting  free  meals  once in a day ,plus, clothes,money, e.t.c.   If  you call the  emergency  police number( similar to 911 in America) ,they redirect( by  suggestion)   you  to the Golden Dawn’s  offices for help.   The supporters  of  the  organization   are male and  females  aged 35-45 , of secondary  and vocational  background (not many at the higher education level), unemployed, unsatisfied citizens, ex-proffesionals ,ex-business owners. Basically, they are a  combination  of  anarchists ,  depressed and  mentally ill people, ex-communists, leftists, ex-junta supporters, ex- royals  supporters, poor and food-hungry citizens, ex-socialists,   fascists,unemployed, football hooligans,  right-wing  extremists.                                                                                                                                         My  personal  opinion -based  on the facts and  observation – is  the  threat of  Golden Dawn   is over-estimated.The organization hasn’t  a political agenda ,political philosophy,views, the structure of a political party.                                   The rise  of the neo- nazi organization,it’s a simple reaction(i call it, punishment)  against all political parties in the past three decades, a reaction against  the 4.5 million unemployed, against the  multiple austerity measures  that have reduced the family income at least by 35%-45%, the fears not to be able to feed the family, the fears to walk  on the streets after midnight, fears of being thrown out  of the eurozone  and return  to old weak (worthless)  drachma ,fears of xenophobia(immigrants overruning the country).The politicians  are full responsible for the $450 billion, national greek dept and should be punished  without conditions.                                             Personally, i refuse  to accept  that a facist organization  fits in a nation  like greece ,a  country generally  considered  the cradle of western civilazion ,the  birthplace of democrasy .The country  is not , and , never  will slip in the grip  of nazism. The european continent  in the  new form(United states of europe) ,always, will be the cradle  of civilization, rule of law,freendom of people and ideas, respect of humans rights,free  movement of people and goods, the place for new technologies and  inventions,  common democratic values  and standards with universal relevance.                                                             There will never be, in the united states of europe,such activities as  racist, violance against immigrants and minorities,  vadalism, threats, descrimination, killings, and  all the rest  characteristics of  Golden  Dawn.      Finally,  my own message to the neo- Nazi  organization. ” Greece,  does  not belong  to  greeks,  germany to  germans,   austria to  austrians,  italy  to italians ,e.t.c.We all  belong to our big  european family, the United states of europe. We have our national identity(Europeans), and citizenship(United  states of europe citizen). The official  creation of  our country  is very near, more   than  you can  imagine.In the years to come,  will be a golden dawn,   not  this horrible, stupid, fascist, neo- Nazi, disgusting  party( which is really, a terrorist  organization).    The real   European  Golden Dawn   is on the rise,  the   Golden  Dawn  of  the    UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                                                                                                                      NICK      ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                                                                                                                      

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“It’s not only the federalists who want more integration,it is  also the markets.They are sending a clear message every day,so , it is not an idea or utopia, it’s a matter of realism.” JOSE MANUEL BARROSO                                         “The day ,when the states of europe would unite together as one nation is very near.United in union, not unity in diversity. MY OPINION                                The financial eurozone crisis that has swept across europe,is due to a lack of economic governace.Seventeen different economies and fiscal policies cannot function together in a long period.Its is very obvious that  the eurozone can’t have a common monetary zone without effective economic fiscal and social policies.Some economists  compare a country(Greece) with the fall of Lehman Brothers(a company),but, i don’t think the eurozone crisis is a  direct consequence of the crash of 2008.The world economy is sick and rapidly approaching a financial meltdown.European union  is on the verge of collapse and the member states  should move forward with a political and economic agenda.                                                                                                                          The eurozone  needs a single government to protect itself from economic woes.The markets insist for the creation  of a federal europe, the ultimate solution of  the ongoinig   crisis,otherwise,  we  must go back to the national  currencies. Historically, deeper integration has always followed  a period of crisis.                                                                                                                                                    In the past ten years european union’s competitiveness with China,Usa and other economic players has constantly decreased.My personal thought  is,crisis is not over  and  europe is heading  for a  gigantic  crisis(we didn’t see anything,yet),due to the upcoming spanish and italian crisis.That will  have  a significant impact   in the world economies,mostly in the United states of America as the US economy continues to decline.It’s been estimated ,that it would  take a total of  three trillion euros  to bail out  the euro-troubled states.Well, do we have the money? The answer is obvious not and   we will endup rushing in a political union to avoid the collapse.                                            The gold opportunity is here,right now,   which  leads to a federal europe  and all political   leaders  know is unstoppable.                                                                              Instead of  mentioning   academic  theories , i would like to  take a look  of the financial real world.The economies of  southern europe (greece,italy,portugal,cyprus and spain), are getting  more economically uncompetitive relatively to Germany.In order to grow , germany  has to give some stimulus money(based on the reforms), plus, to  allow a loosery monetary policy.The labor cost is already been reduced , no further  cuts will be essential.Germany ,also, has to oversee the whole process and to get rid  of the  ghosts of the past(inflation-maniac).The problem is very complicated ,as german taxpayers(and other europeans), are not in  favor of the idea.                The best solution  to reduce and then  eliminate  a dept problem,logically, is the fast growth of the economy.Priority should be in the areas of direct  and productive investments.                                                                                                             The political process for the european unity-under the severe pressure of the financial markets -has to start as soon as possible,to be able to hold the financial system together  and to avoid  the european union tragedy.                    A new federal europe that speaks with one voice, acting as a whole not by each  state  individually,adopting a common harmonized labour law with focus  in productivity and industru’s competitiveness ,a, direct elected parliament(with president) as long as the fiscal union, is the ultimate   solution, building a federation, a superstate or even a new empire, if you like.    The old fashion model  of the traditional  european sovereing nation state economy is  over. The new era requires  a concept of a supranational economy .                                                                                                                                            The  United states of europe(currently,EU), has  a gold opportunity, never seeing before.The  european continent from a diverse and disparate  continent  to the economically  integrated european  union of todays. The final  step(political union) is next.Out of the current european union crisis ,the new federal europe will  soon emerge, the new  economic and  military powerhouse that will rule the world in the years to come,for the glory of the UNITED STATES OF  EUROPE.          NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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“National socialism  will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order”                    ADOLPH  HITLER  ,world war ii                                                              “Further  global progress is now possible only through a quest for  universal  consenus in the movement towards a new world order”.     MICHAEL CORBACHEV, UNITED NATIONS,   December 7,1988                                                         New world order(NWO),as a conspiracy theory, refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.                                                                                     New world order(NWO),in politics, has been used to refer to any period of history evidencing  a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power.Despite various interpretations ,in general, is associated with the word ,”international governance”.Similar terms are global peace,global secutity,intenational safety,one-world government,globalization,global governance.European union falls to this category.In the european continent,in 1951 came the european coal and steal community(CSC), later on transformed to european economic community(ECC) and   then  european union(EU),numerous  treaties and institutions, the european central bank(ECB)  and the euro currency followed. Always,the hidden ultimate goal was the political union ,the united states of europe.So,where is the NWO going today?  With the south european  nations -greece,italy,spain,cyprus,portugal-in the verge of financial collapse , nationalism is rising and are putting local(national) interests ahead of  the european interests.This is very wrong approach for the simple reason, if the dept-nations  resist the  united states of europe(refuse to abandon  their sovereignty), will be left alone and the return to 50’s and 60’s status will be  unavoidable.The past three years,headlines,from around the globe, assume, the collapse of the eurozone is very near and that means the end of euro  and ultimately the return  to national currencies and even the break-up of the european union. However  , europeans, have opposite views.There is no such an intention  for giving up  the federal europe and i personally think, this could be a gold opportunity  to push the idea of a federal europe closed to the united states of europe.The  solution of european union’s problems, involves lowering  borrowing cost for southern  european member states,devalue euro currency ,e.t.c.  The real problem  of the union(stop, blame other countries for that)  is growth.The manufucturing sector is in  decline over the past two decades.A new industrial policy must target  manufucturing to spur economic turnaround.In simple words,somehow ,europe has to reinvent itself.Out of ashes  of the financial  euro-crisis, a united states of europe  will arise and this will be the new world order.The past  decade,the globalization impact on  both european union and united states of america is obvious.Both are in a path of decline  while  we are experiencing the rise  of Asian and  Latin powers.The western world  is on great dangerous and i am very concerned about the oppurtunities  in the pacific region. I hope the united states of america won’t turn to pacific, downgrading its transatlantic orientation. The creation of the united states of europe will change the current(not so clear,anymore) world order ,which  is  been  controlled  by the united states of  America with the european union alliance plus a few more nations.In this global era, united states of(America and Europe) must lead the global effort to build  a stronger and  more international order, providing the right leadership.New economic giants like India and China,are out of a  US- led global governance structure.That is the   only way for europe to be important to the new world order.Is this new world order will, assist, in the establishment  of a world union without tariff walls , without borders ,a regognised world government , a universal political,fiscal,monetary union,a universal currency and a world army?I’m gonna have to analyze those issues in my future posts.Overall,even  though, is very difficult to predict the future world structure, the globalization process of the last decade points out to the unification of the major continents  of the planet.As far as our european family concerned, we should speed up the process for the unity of our country ,THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.      NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS.

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  1. The United Kingdom(Great Britain and nothern ireland) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental europe.It is unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system.            WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia .                                                                                        “Britain has lost an empire but has failed to find a role” U.S secretary of state  ,Dean acheson,1952                  As i have explained in my previous posts, the united states of Europe(currently,european union-EU), is in an era of severe transformation.The endless financial crisis has forced european union towards “more europe”, a model of federal union of states which  leads to absolutely status of the united states of europe.This transition period is exactly opposite with UK’s view for less europe.Let’s take a quick look the relationship with european union.UK joined ECC(european economic community) in 1973.At the time,was very good idea to be a member of the community,however ,since then,gradually but steadily the european community  has been transformed to what we call today,european union. The next and final step towards the federal superstate-united states of europe-will require  economic and political union,abandon national sovereignty and everything else, is required.UK’s vision of  european union  is a europe  where countries relished their separate  national identies.My personal approach to the subject of this post is more theoretical and social but academically very simplistic ,due to the nature of UK citizens.After so many years in the european union, do not seem to understand  that the empire is gone  and will never come back again.UK citizens are completely disconnected from the EU.Geographically,britain falls within the european continent,however,not considered european by most of  the eurozone member states. British political and social  culture differs  from that of continental  europe.They don’t even  have the same values and history.The european continent systems (cultures-legal-governing-policies-education) are very different   from those of britain(more liberal).Most  of UK citizens think are better than other europeans.What they, really,do not know is that  the same thoughts  most europeans have  against them(germans,french,italians,greeks,e.t.c, always, believe, are in much higher level than brits .UK is closer to european continent but more similar to culture and language  to english speaking world(USA-AUSTRALIA-CANADA-NEW ZEALAND- SOUTH AFRICA).Statics shows  most brits don’t consider themselves europeans.basically, identify themselves as british,only.The main reason for not adopting the euro currency was  that would undermine  british national identity.The last years,due to severe eurozone financial crisis, many voices have called  for a referendum on whether  want to stay in a EU single market.It’s seems to me Great Britain  is turning away  from EU and this is very good news for the united states of europe.The real(outrageous) vision of british citizens  for the european union is called E.F.T.A(european free trade association).The british government  has nothing in common  with europe.              An example to understand the cultural difference between uk and europe is the rubbish opening ceremony of last summer olympic games in london.The british don’t want to be part of further integration in such  crucial issues as  foreign and defence policy. Britain  knows very well,doesn’t  want to be part of a powerfull centralized europeam mega-state. My opinion about the solution  of this problem ,always, has been one:A full exit will be essential for both united states of Europe and  UK. It is time to go different ways and in case britain change their minds, united states of Europe  has to force them out.Only the eurozone member states will be and should be the main core of the united states of Europe.We don’t have time to waste  with non-european nations like england.Let’s make our dreams come true.Let’em go now or force them to leave,that’s the only and only solution  that serves both interests.I ,honestly, hope some day england will enjoy being an offshore island off  a united states of Europe.   We have to start ,immediately, the final integration step, towards our country,the new rising empire and for the glory of  the  UNITED    STATES OF EUROPE.   NICK  ALEXANDROPOULOS     
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The eurozone crisis has entered a new phase.The permanent survival of the european union project will be determined by the political transition to a more closed europe(united europe) as many politicians think, a federal europe(so many voices across the continent, about this) or  to what i believe as the best solution,which is the direct creation of the rising superpower,our country,the united states of Europe. International law is divided in three  categories:customery law-contractual law-constitutive law.United states of europe(currently E.U) by a succesion of treaties,the member states,have established a series of supranational authorities,whose decisions can even overrule national parliaments enactments.However,european integration should’t have any limits and i would like to see the european citizens to abandon their national sovereignty overnight.The sooner,the better for the entire european continent.The political reality says, there is no alternative.    As we all know,globalization is a process as a result of which the world becomes more connected and more dependent on all its subjects.It’s a result of a complicated processes(political-social-economic-civilizational and many others).A significant point  of the globalization is the economic nature.My point is,nowdays the idea of states-nationals really changed.That means,,there is a clear redusing sovereignty across the globe and  applies,perfectly,to some european nations.They can’t afford to keep their national identies anymore,another words  national sovereignty has become an old fashion issue.To my opinoin,the lost of national  sovereignty,is not a problem,it is the solution to the problem.Day by day in a globalized world with the emergence of multi-national entities,the powers of that national sovereignty becomes more and more limited and controlled,so,what’s the point?As far as our european family concerned, at this point,due to sever crisis ,european states should first give up sovereignty and then receive financial aid.We should not fear for the loss of  national freedoms but the loss of individual freedom and personal prosperity.Furter federalization in europe,will erase all the dangerous situations,because,the results of the financial crisis shows  nationalism is gain strength because states are becoming more weak,ecomically,but also can’t be measured.              Now, is the right time to stay focus  to  the integration process, the transformation of national sovereignty to the suprastate sovereignty level, which is -to my understanding – inevitable for the creation and GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                       NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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  • A potential superpower is a state or a political entity that is speculated to be,or to be in process of becoming,a superpower at somepoint in the 21century.States most commonly mentioned as being potential superpowers are:china,brazil,japan,india,russia and the european union.                                 WIKIPEDIA  the free encyclopedia                                     “I trust that the  european family may act united  as one under the council of europe.I look forward to a united states of europe.”    WINSTON CHURCHILL, 1942                                                                                                                     When the european union officialy began in 1950 ,as   the(ECSC)european coal and steel community,it was a purely economic confedaration built for the purpose of helping  europe recover from the war and fend off the growing communist threat.                                                        Despite  the eurozone crisis,the united states of europe(currently,E.U) is,still, the world’s largest exporter, a leading supplier of goods to developing countries,the largest trading partner of each of the BRIC countries(brazil,russia,india and china),the largest provider  and recipient of foreign direct investment(FDI) in the world,the largest trading partner of the united states of America.United states of europe, economy,in 2011, produced  $15.6 trillion and ranks first in the list of world economies.The euro currency didn’t collapse at all,actually,is still above the $1.30 range,against the U.S dollar,that means the financial world  still believes and  supports the currency.                                                        Look at us(europeans), today:we have the european parliament,the european council,the european commission,the council of the european union,our european central bank,the european court of justice,the european court of auditors,our currency, the euro,U.E.F.A(the union of european football associations),FIBA europe(european basketball association),EUROVISION(music awards),E.B.U(european broadcasting union),CANNES(european films awards),our european union passport and the  list goes on and on.                                                                                                I ,personaly,see, the eurozone crisis as  a  great opportunity.A new europe(the last step of the integration), the united states of europe will soon emerge out of the current financial ashes.Many politics and financial leaders are already calling it a european superstate,i just,call it the united  states of europe.The european union leaders know well,the union is not working,properly.Europe needs to stand up ,to be honest to millions of europeans and to explain  that we have to give up ,the left overs of our national sovereignty, in order our european integration project to be completed.That means the three aspects of federalism:political federalism,fiscal federalism,monetary federalism.In addition to that,common security(EUROSEC),energy,climate,the creation of E.I.N.S(european immigration and naturalization service),foreigner policy,united states of europe military,all, administered by the united states of europe federal goverment.                                                                                  Finally, i would like to use the words of european commission president,jose manuel barroso.’We have come a  long way in europe,learning lessons from the crisis.But recent developments demonstrate that we must look further to complete the architecture of our economic  and monetary union.” That’s right,the operating system of the E.U ,doesn’t work ,let’s move on to the creation of our country,the united states of europe , the beginning of our european supremacy and the endless GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.          NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                             
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Europe used to be divided into four traditional cultural areas:The atlantic fringe,the plain,the alpine area and the mediterranean.Since the increase in modernization in the 20th century,these areas are not often referred to anymore.At this point,it’s very clear to me,there is a transitional situation across the continent,as “new europeans”,blends with the “old” ones.New europeans,are,people who live(most of them) in another member state of the EU or even in a non-european country.Basically,are children of migrants,mixed couples,international students,expatriates,international bussines people.Their parents and grandparents have been born in the same country and have lived there for all of their lives.They have became EU citizens because their country of origin has become EU member.In that picture,we should add the increased immigration to europe,since 1980,as a result of people from developing countries wanted to escape war,poverty,oppression,natural disasters,religious issues,e.t.c Most european nations today have sizeable immigrant populations.Can E.U(european union),be more like united states of europe in its attitude toward immigrants?Well,the questions,actually,are:A)do we believe to a multicultural nation?B)are we willing to take people from around the world?My personal thougts have been inspired from my 15 years stay in the united states of America.There is an ongoing discrimination situation against all foreigners at the very beginnig (mostly in rural states,like,ohio that i used to live),however,after the years and despite your ties with the mother country,you realize that you be a patr of the society of your new country.As far as ,the kids borned by foreigners,through tranditions,society,schooling e.t.c ,there is not a single chance ,not to adopt the new country,as their own country.Let’ get  down to the crucial point ,now: Europe at this point,doesn’t seem so prosperus as used to be,however,what the united states of europe is going to do with its immigrants and which immigration policy will be more efficient?Key point of the function of the european melting pot is the process of Europeanization,the growth of a  european continental identity above national identities,that will lead to pan-european identity(european identification-europatriotism),In order for this process to be achieved,only, a united states of Europe government will be able to overcome national(old fashion) identities.Europe has to move forward from the old fashion stage to the new  modern(multicultural) stage.We have to support the idea of a mixed culture(even in a minority level),or,the forseable european future,is not very clear.European citizenship is been determined by bloodline.It’s about time to be replaced by the place of birth.Let’s choose the full integration of all immigrants through citizenship.let’s create an equal opportunity for everyone,without regard to race,color,sex,religion,national origin,age,disability.We don’t know the dynamic of the coming generations of the immigrants.Let’s make the united states of europe, a home for them and a better place to live.In the end of the day,i’m sure, we’ll benefit from  the integration,FOR THE GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.     NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS.  

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The present eurozone crisis has shown the failure of the entire european political system(leftist-socialist policies,crushing economies due to huge national debts,social(socialist) servises that lead to economic inefficiency,low productivity,an overpriced euro currency,e.t.c                                                   A significant example,the state of greece,is a clear one,insted of privatization, hard work,investments and focus on the growth of the economy,the people continued to waste time and money in stupid protests that lead to nowhere.Europeans must put their act together  and work towards a union with one constitution,one economy(the largest in the world),one foreign policy(rule the world fair and balanced) and one strong army(greatest,ever).A common political approach has to be introduced that will develope and coordinate all policies.A fiscal union has to be created,based on the political union as i mentioned.In addition to that the pan-european social security system,the european tax system as soon as possible.The fiscal union will provide the ability to make structural reforms for all of the states.The starting point of the direct creation of the united states of europe should be the introduction to the united states of europe constitution(i will explain and analyze this issue, in a future post).Let’s give the green light for the creation of our country,the united states of europe.Two superpowers on both sides of the atlantic(U.S.E and U.S.A),are the only guarantee for freedom,growth,economic development,security,prosperity for the rest of the world.FOR THE GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                         NICK ALEXANDROPOU                            

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They Want A “United States Of Europe” But They Are Going To Need A Massive Financial Crisis In Order To Get It

Are we about to see a huge push for a “United States of Europe”?  As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues to spiral out of control, suddenly this term is popping up in the New York Times and in major newspapers all over Europe.  So is this by accident?  Surely not.  The truth is that there is an overwhelming consensus among the political and financial elite of Europe that a “United States of Europe” is what would be best for the eurozone.  However, they are likely going to need a massive financial crisis in order to reach their goal.  Right now, the citizens of the countries that make up the eurozone are overwhelmingly against deeper European integration.  Without experiencing a massive amount of financial pain, they are unlikely to change their minds any time soon.  So who is going to win in the end?  Unfortunately, the clock is ticking because Greece is on the verge of defaulting on their debts and several other countries are not that far behind.  If Europe does not decide on a course of action soon, the euro is going to collapse and financial institutions all over Europe are going to come crashing down.

Up until now, EU leaders have been handling this crisis by putting out one fire after another.  This has been going on for a couple of years, but these bailouts cannot go on indefinitely.  Instead of fixing things, “kicking the can down the road” has only delayed the pain and made things even worse.

The EU as it is currently structured simply does not work.  The political will for more bailouts is rapidly drying up and politicians in Europe are only going to be able to “extend and pretend” for a little while longer.

Something needs to be done.

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What will a United States of Europe look like?

At this point, there seems little doubt that some sort of United States of Europe is slowly emerging. It’s kind of exciting, like watching a new planet condensing from the clouds and dust of the cosmos. Yet its final form will take years to consolidate, so it’s also pretty nerve-racking. Continental integration is not for the fainthearted, as a young America learned two centuries ago. But once a critical number of member states have ratified the recently-negotiated pact for stricter fiscal and budget rules – becoming more like America’s member states, nearly all of which are charged with balancing their state’s budgets – then comes the next step. A consensus is forming around the need for job creation and economic growth, and clearly the current austerity regime will not produce that. So we are likely to see some stimulus spending and other policies targeted to help struggling member states. Gazing into my crystal ball at Europe’s future transfer union, it’s pretty clear that Greece, Portugal and Italy (though perhaps not so much Spain and Ireland) are positioned to be the Mississippi, Alabama and Alaska of Europe. Many of the newer democracies in eastern and central Europe will continue to need assistance as well. And Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and northern Europe in general will be like California, New York and Illinois, perpetually paying out as the price for gaining a union. It takes time and a crisis or two or three to focus people’s minds and move attitudes. Merkel, to her credit, has been the European leader with a steady hand on the helm, ploughing forward in rough seas while the rest prepared themselves for the necessary sacrifices. Now Europe is halfway across, and everyone agrees they can’t go back.



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