The integration of europe is about to go to another level.As the european dept crisis deepens,there are more voices for full economic and political integration.Europe’s problem is political(structural).There is a union acting as a super national body,but at the same time respecting the sovereight of the individual states.A united states of europe,federalism system,should follow.The system will divide power and responsibility between a centralized national goverment and the state goverments,creating a federal constitutional republic consisting of 26 member states and a federal district,the seat of the united states of europe federal goverment(D.B-District of Belgium).Time is over and the creation of the united states of europe should begin as soon as possible.                                                                                  NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS-FOUNDER(ON -LINE FOUNDATION FOR THE CREATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE).


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  1. On one of the pages on this site the founder quotes Abraham Lincoln.
    Perhaps he should be made aware that during the American Civil War (1860-1865) that Lincoln had five slave owning states fighting on his side and indeed his own sister owned slaves.
    Whereas it is true that Lincoln was no supporter of slavery,he didn’t go to war to free black slaves.
    He did it to preserve The Union of states,from which the southern states wished to leave as they said it unfairly affected their trade with other nations. In New York State (northern) alone during that time there are plenty of records of blacks being treated with extreme cruelty,if he cares to look hard enough. Lincoln can also be quoted as saying that he thought the white man was superior to the black race and only let a black regiment The Massachussets 54th into the conflict when the north were getting their arses kicked. He thought they’d screw up. They actually fought well. If Lincoln was such a liberator,how come blacks were still struggling in the 1960’s??????
    Further research (if the founder cares too) will reveal that during that era there were blacks who owned white and red slaves and in one state if you were black and wanted to vote,you had to own at least one white slave. (A little game for him to find out which one). There were Native Americans who owned black and white slaves and of course whites who also owned slaves of both colours.
    So let’s shoot down the myth that the blacks in the south were waiting for the sound of the northern bugles to liberate them. There were plenty of free blacks in the south with their rifles pointing at the bugler and his buddies.They didn’t want their businesses screwed up.
    As the old saying goes….. “The truth is often stranger than the fiction”
    Now be a good boy and please don’t tell me that I support slavery,just because I’ve written a few FACTS. I do not support slavery. Is that clear enough for you?????

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