Adolf Hitler (German: [ˈadɔlf ˈhɪtlɐ] ( listen); 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party). He was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and dictator of Nazi Germany (as Führer und Reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler was at the centre of Nazi Germany, World War II in Europe, and the Holocaust.    WIKIPEDIA, The free encyclopedia                                                                                                           NIGEL FARAGE:  He co-founded UKIP in 1993. He was recently re-elected Leader of the party with 60% of the vote. First elected to the European Parliament in 1999, he has
become one of the most outspoken critics of the EU and often makes
global headlines with his interventions in parliament. His ultimate
objective is the UK’s total withdrawal from  EU. Huffington Post                                            “He used simple, straightforward language that ordinary people could understand, short sentences, powerful, emotive slogans… There were no qualifications in what he said; everything was absolute, uncompromising, irrevocable, undeviating, unalterable, final. He seemed… to speak straight from the heart, and to express their own deepest fear and desires… Such uncompromising radicalism lent Hitler’s public meetings a revivalist fervour”.History Book-A

One cannot imagine that the Fuhrer ever spoke differently than he does today, or that he will ever speak differently. He speaks his heart, and therefore reaches the hearts of those who hear him. He has the amazing gift of sensing what is in the air. He has the ability to express things so clearly, logically and directly that listeners are convinced that that is what they have always thought themselves. That is the true secret of the effectiveness of Adolf Hitler’s speeches… The essential characteristics of his speeches to the people are: clear organization, irrefutable logical reasoning, simplicity and clarity of expression, razor-sharp dialectic, a developed and sure instinct for the masses and their feelings, an electrifying emotional appeal that is used sparingly, and the ability to reach out to the souls of the people in a way that never goes.”History Book-B                                         “Germans, generally depressed about post-WWI conditions, looked to Hitler for guidance out of their dismal circumstances. Hitler’s rhetoric and symbolic representations furthered this notion of Hitler as a savior. However, these are not the only factors that contributed to the personality cult around Hitler. Further research could include the role of the media and propaganda in fueling the personality cult, as well as other influences. A comprehensive understanding of the personality cult around Hitler could supplement the debate over how seemingly ordinary Germans participated in the implementation of the Final Solution. This theory helps to show how ordinary people became emotionally attached to a charismatic leader like Hitler and, because of this attachment, were willing to embrace his ideas and carry out his plans”. History Book-C      

What is concerning about UKIP is it has become very much a one-man band and a bit of a cult. There is a followership and even the constitution has been changed to favour pro-leader candidates. I don’t think that’s healthy”.David Campbell-former deputy leader                                             “He is, after all, the man who has recently been voted the most popular party leader in a poll. Enigmatic, eloquent, jovial, captivating, these are all words which have been used to describe him. Heck, even his final school report said the college “would be a poorer place without this boy’s personality”.Catherine Dalton                                                                “Farage turns out to be one of the most surprising politicians I have met – charismatic, funny, indefatigably good-natured and essentially cheerful towards absolutely everyone, apart from the prime minister and Rotherham council”. The Guardian    ” I am  fighting  the rise of  EU  nazi superstate…I  am spartacus”"Nigel Farage           After reading the above, it is obvious ,  we came  to some conclusions.In  general  speaking,   Farage  is a  copycat  of Hitler’s  personality   and tactics(forthright,honest,simplistic  opinions, rhetoric abilities,  e.t.c)   or, is, just,  the new version of  Hitler  with two differences:A) Hitler  as a person, was very serious , Farage instead,  is  a funny  person (a clown, read my previous article).  B)Hitler’s intention  was the extermination of ” sub- humans”, in particular jews ,as well as other minorities(gypsies, homosexuals  and handicapped people),  Farages’ instead, is,  the  disintegration   and  dissolution  of the  United  States  of Europe(currently, european union(EU), the extermination of all immigrants,  the  emergence  of  the  little  island   of    Britain      as  European and international power  and  the continuation of   the occupation  in northern  ireland  and  Las Malvinas(ex-Falklands).Farage’s   speaking  style is very similar  to  Hitler’s.  Overall, the two men, have almost,  the same personality  and the same(general), characteristics.                                                                              UKIP(UK  independence   party),   doesn’t have a political agenda,just,some directions, include:   Deportation of all legal and illegal immigrants(job creation for UK citizens,only). Increase of British jails-military spending and nuclear weapons.layoffs and salary pension cuts of all  public sector employees.Cancelation of all EU treaties and going back to the  “old good  British   law  and systems”(example:if a  european person  wants to visit UK ,a valid  visa, should be  issued). Simultaneously,a visa should be issued for a british national, to travel  across  europe.                                             In other words   a National,independent,secular country.What an irony!!! I am writing this article in my office and i have  in front of my eyes a  not very old political agenda of Golden Dawn(The Neo-Nazi party of Greece).What a surprise?It’s not similar to UKIP’s   political agenda.It is,EXACTLY THE SAME.                                                                                             Why UKIP   doesn’t  have a political   agenda? I don’t see the policy  on the following issues:Press freedom and regulations-Economy(national debt,investments(domestic and international), manufacturing  sector)-R&D(research  and development)-enviromental protection(climate change,green energy)-National defence- foreign  policy and international relations-public and private education-social security benefits-health-elderly-welfare reforms,  e.t.c  As i have explained in my previous article,UKIP is an undercover ,Neo-Nazi, terrorist  , violent  organization  and the only agenda is:A)Get UK out of  european union(EU).  B)All foreigners should go home(control of the borders).We,also, know the UKIP’s  association with other euro-nazi parties (ex:LAOS of  Greece). UKIP discriminates against all ethnic groups,   wants to call for a mass extermination, but, in our times this will end up its existence.   Most of the supporters are anti-EU, Nazis,Fascists and Racists, however , there is a significant number that came from other  parties(Tories,Labour,Liberals).      Unfortunately, some of them(The very old),  fought Nazis and  now, belong to a Neo-Nazi, organization.     UKIP is the same  as  BNP(British National Party), which    claims  the “British race and Nation”. The BNP    openly  described as  far-right, racist, fascist  party. UKIP,   is  exactly  the same,but  is not open , just  undercover.     How  Mr Farage will shut down ,any   democratic voice(if any)? The terrorist    organization called UKIP, has a rule(interior) book.His intention is to change the rules, so he can remove any democratic voice.                                                                                                                What was the   reason for the “DINNER FOR TWO”?According to the daily telegraph, mr Farage suggested to mr Murdoch  at the meal  that he would form an electoral  pact with the conservatives if David Cameron stood down as leader.      -“Rupert  Murdoch is “interested”  to find  out what is the UK independence  party is up to and how much support it has, its  leader  Nigel Farage has said after meeting the tycoon for first time”. BBC news.  The “dinner for two”, actually was,the  drawing of a secret plan- based on the   increased popularity of  the fascist party- which is the creation of  a  “British Young Independence Organization” equals or even better to Hitler’s youth movement.The Hitler Youth was a logical extension of Hitler’s belief that the future of Nazi Germany was its children.The Hitler Youth was seen as being as important to a child as school was.In the early years of the Nazi government, Hitler had made it clear as to what he expected German children to be like.History Book-D                                                                    According to that, Mr farage wants to  mold the future generations of british in the following main disciplines:1)Brain wash with the nazi ideal 2)anti-europeanization(United states of  Europe, is the enemy)3)British is the upper class race 4)loyalty to nazi-ukip and the royals.The famous now,”dinner for two”,also, reflects the  severe failure of the dominant parties(tories,labour),the inability to  push for reforms,to stop the downfall of the UK economy,to have a strong voice within European Union and in international affairs.  In very simple words:The desperation of the average British citizen to have a nice and decent life leads to  an open embrace   of  nationalism,fascism,UKIP, Nigel Farage, e.t.c.                                         What is  Nigel Farage’ personal secret?This is a political site,promoting, the online ALEXANDROPOULOS FOUNDATION, with  the ultimate goal the assistance for the direct creation of the United  States of Europe(U.S.E).I’m fully  aware of my responsibilities for the content of the site, which is basically,  analysis, criticism  and the promotion  of  theories and ideas. As you can understand, this site does not involve in personal affairs,with a great respect to personal life, however this time(hopefully  for  first and  for  last time), i will break the rules and i would like to share an information i’ve received,not long ago.If the information is completely false, i would  like  to apologize ,deeply, to Mr Farage.So far,i have been informed,the reason for   Mr Farage’s   divorce in 1997,was his secret BISEXUAL LIFE and his current marriage , is following  the same path-   because of his bisexual passion(I  know, he has four children). He mentioned the strip clubs, is anything more , we should know? Perhaps,this is the real reason of UKIP’s philosophy,against homosexuals.The crucial subject of homosexuality,will be seen in the next article ,titled:”non- homosexuals(gays and lesbians,etc) in the United States of   Europe”, will  publish   in ,just, ten days.If this information is accurate,the leader of UKIP, is  going to come out of the closet to explain the situation to the supporters?                         Mr  NIGEL  FARAGE, i   know ,you have seen   my site. I asked you nicely, to get a real job. You are  not a politician,it’s not your profession,you don’t belong  in politics.      You don’t listen.  do you?   You are a comedian , a funny figure, a good clown(maybe, dangerous now)   in the UK’s  political circus. It is time for you to leave,before the situation  gets more serious. Don’t you ever  use  the word  “spartacus”.Spartacus is a greek word(GREECE  is the birthplace of democracy and has nothing to do with your nazi-fascist-disgusting  “ideology”). Don’t you  dare  to  say  “i am spartacus”,again.You are not  Greek(how can you be?),  Greeks are  Europeans(future  citizens of the United States of Europe) and you   are, just, a British(do you understand the concept, now?). If you,still,have some good feelings, about the little island of Britain,then, try to convince the UK political system to exit  EU as soon as possible(BREXIT).Britain is  a  non-european little island,never was and never will  be  European, otherwise  we  will  exit you by force.I will assure you that  the United States of Europe,will demilitarize,  the  little island of yours,for the simple reason, a superpower(U.S.E),does not want  in any case  a Cuba-style island(with nuclear warheads), next to its borders.The United States of Europe, will   watch  very closely , the  nazi-fascist “career”  of yours and in case of  dramatic changes  in  the UK political  scene- UKIP in  power(I don’t think is going to happen, but, just in case)- an intervention will take place for corrections and application of international law and stabilization of a democratic system.Always, the United states of Europe ,will make sure the little island of Britain is a democracy,safe and   weapons-free.As far as  Mr farage  and his political future,i’m afraid, he will end up in one of our Euro-jails, like the most dictators and war criminals in  history.                      Finally,  i   feel sorry for you  Mr farage and in  general  you , average   desperate-poor-uneducated( most  British are)-   British citizen , because, you will never feel the pride,  the superiority, the prestige, the   sense  that you  belong to the Greatest  superpower in the history  of Humankind,  the  EMPIRE OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                         NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS


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  1. Aguy says:

    I just can’t fathom the immense level of delusional stupidity gone into this. First of all, if you want to be taken seriously then at least write in a conjecture that can, well, you know – be read? Capital letters and spacing would be a good start, and you call Brits uneducated? Irony at best.
    UKIP is coming and your terrible lone smear campaign is a far cry from rational argument-able facts. If anything, the EU are the ones to be looked closely at. I’d quit now and stop wasting my time if I were you. Pulling Wikipedia articles on both Hitler and Farrage and then stating that Farrage is trying to mirror Hitler’s persona with a few minor details being that he is nothing like Hitler is just an immense delusion. I feel extremely sorry for you, but still hope you all the best.

  2. Candy says:

    I am really inspired together with your writing talents and also with the format on your blog.
    Is that this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Either way stay up the nice high quality writing,
    it is uncommon to see a great weblog like this one nowadays.

  3. Johnny says:


  4. Pete says:

    To the Proprietor of this website………………………
    Nigel Farage is not the only eurosceptic politician in Britain and your immature rants are becoming a bit of a bore. So I suggest you write two letters. One to the former Labour Party M.P,the very well known Tony Benn. The other to the present leader of the British Trade Union called “Unite”. The leader’s name is Bob Crow. Ask these two men their views on the e.u.
    When they disagree with yours,you must then call them both fascists etc as you have done to Nigel Farage. You’ll probably get a chuckle from Tony Benn,but I really wouldn’t upset Bob Crow too much if I were you. Unite is Britain’s biggest Trade Union and Bob Crow does a good job at defending the interests of his members. You must be the one to go away and wonder why three men from such diverse backgrounds can all be united on at least one view,the e.u. idea stinks and The British people were lied to when Britain joined and continue to be lied to now.
    Let me know how you get on.

  5. wells says:

    Quite correct. This journo is a swivel eyed loon.

  6. Well Written, unfortunately it is not something that everyone likes to hear. The truth is not always pleasant or convenient. Nigel Frage temtps people with the promise of unaccountable power and wealth during tough times!

  7. He’s still talking bollocks I see and if it was Nigel Farage having a dig at bisexual people,he’d be the first to flag it up. The proprietor of this website is a twat.

  8. Paul Thomas says:

    A United States of Europe will come one of these days. the sooner the better in my opinion. Britain should stop becoming a nationalistic anachronism. Think constructively and stop fussing over petty considerations. Europe is the one and only future. …

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