“Germany  wants an  ambitius reform  of the economic  and monetary  union  in such   decisive issues as  the future  of our  common  currency.We  do not need  less, but  more integration.”GUIDO WESTERWELLE, german FM.  “What cameron  has to understand  is that  you can’t  put the brakes  on the  (Euro-train).”JOSE MANUEL GARCIA-MARGALLO,  spanish FM.                             In his long -awaited  speech, prime minister of Britain pledged  to hold a referendum during the early part of the next parliament-by the end of 2017- if the conservatives win  the general election.If you read  my  last article(Mr david cameron, tear down this wall), i  have, predicted, most of  his speech(even  the little  blackmail ), however, is fair to say , he  shocked  europe, insisting for the upcoming referendum.                                                              What’s  that supposed to mean  to the ordinary  citizens of Britain? Is this a mathematical   equation? If  Mr  cameron  is not  re-elected ,won’t   hold  a referendum?. Is he trying to associate   the two  words  :CAMERON=REFERENDUM?                                                                                                      It is true , Prime Minister  cameron, is  created  a timebomb with the referendum  and there are so many explanations   for his decision. Some of them include:  His coalition  failed(in critical issues), doesn’t understand  simple economics, is playing old fashion politics,he hasn’t  eared respect, Ego-man, he would stay  until 2020,he  is trying to  buy   the   UKIP(The anti-EU UK   independence party)  votes(running scared  of UKIP), and  of course has been accused  by all the european leaders.  As far as the modification   of treaties concerned , Mr cameron will get 27  different countries  to co-sign  for changing   Eu-treaties?   The speech  won’t change  the voters attitude ,i think  his supporters will go  for the UKIP party  and i’ m sure is  taking  gamble with  economy on EU-opposition.  European union  will not negotiate  and provide  a new treaty  that suits Britain’s needs.Mr cameron  and all the political parties  know, a “new”  relationship  is impossible to achieve.It is not, also, clear  what powers he would like to see  the UK  take back  as part as a new settlement.                                                                  Mr David Cameron , in his  (LIFETIME) speech, did  the right thing and  we should give him some credit. His proposal(referendum), no matter if you agree or not,is  the  application of   democracy, in the  UK  political    system.   He is the only Prime Minister , after many years in the union , to allow british to have their say.He, just, put the UK future(in ihe european  union)  not upon the  politicians , but, direct to the hands of  UK  citizens.                         The  clock is ticking for more european integration and  i do not agree, Prime Minister  lives  in his “ideological dream’ world.                                                              The referendum  is not about  suitable   re-negotiation, new treaties ,new shift  of powers back to London, e.t.c. The  referendum  will be the  direct vote  of  the UK  citizens  to  accept  or  reject  the   proposal of   the    UNITED  STATES OF EUROPE.   Laurent   fabious, the french foreign minister said:”If  britain    wants to  leave europe ,  we will roll out  the red carpet for you”, I say:Mr David Cameron,just  tell the whole true(you said something few hours ago in Davos:The club we belong to is changing. we can’t ignore this.change is underway), to british citizens. They voted,long time ago, to join the E.E.C(european economic community), not the  coming Federal   Europe(United states of Europe).                                                                                            Why   Mr Cameron  keep saying  his wish   to keep  UK  in the European Union? Because , he understands  the future Federal Europe  formation,  but is not sure(“just in case”), yet. To my opinion, even, an earlier  referendum  with a “yes” vote for the UK to leave the Union ,won’t have significant  implications to us.                                                                                                                          What  about   the little island ,called Britain?                                                                   “England  is   just a small  island .Its  roads and houses are small . With few  exceptions , it doesn’t  make things  that people , in the rest of the world  want to buy. And if  it hadn’t  been separated  from the  continent  by water , it  almost certainly  would  have  been lost to Hitler’s   ambitions.”MITT ROMNEY.  I would  add  to that,  is  no  longer   a world power , is  just a middle -ranking country ,  not even a power in EU,    no longer has a large economy(similar to Germany or French), a rapidly   shrinking   military    and diplomatic  influence .                                                                                                                  European    Union   approaching  the final destination, a half  way Federal Europe  first  and then  the United states  of Europe.  UK , really  , is  in trouble , will fight  to make sure  new rules  are fair to  out of eurozone  members ,but,  the question is : How britain, will deal  with the United states of Europe?Britain  has  to stand up   its feet  as an individual and  sovereign country.Must try to get  the  best deal in a   new  free  trade agreement  and focused  in  job  creation,  promoting  growth   and  making a strong  and   competitive   international economy.UK ,also, will lose global role as a member of the EU powerhouse, but,is not important.                                                    I do not know , at  this point,  if a Federal  Europe  will agreee,  but a good economy  of  a  foreigner   country  in  the doorstep   of   Europe, will  be essential.                                                                                                                                             Mr  David Cameron,  after   many  years  in the  Euro-jail ,the time has come   for the british people  to get back their country. Let them repatriate  british sovereignty.  United  Kingdom can’t function in the european Union project(Do you imagine in the United states of Europe?).Taking   Britain  out of the  European Union  should be  a positive outcome   for both  European Citizens and British.                                                                                                                      It is time for Britain   to break free, and  now , time  has    come for the rise  of the new world country,      our  european   country,  our  european  family,   THE EMPIRE  OF  THE UNITED  STATES OF EUROPE.                          NICK  ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                       

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  1. celtthedog says:

    Well, we turned down membership in Philip of Spain’s empire, Robespierre’s, Napoleon Bonaparte’s, Kaiser Wilhelm’s, Adolf Hitler’s and Joseph Stalin’s.

    It wouldn’t be fair not to extend the same courtesy to yours.

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