David  william  Donald  Cameron, is the  Prime Minister  of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the  treasury, Minister   for  the civil  service  and Leader  of the conservative  party.                                                                                                                                WIKIPEDIA, the  free encyclopedia                                                   Cameron’s plan to renagotiate  with European Union  is ” incredibly dangerous” and threatens  to lead  the country out  of the European family, Labour party warns on high tones. “I think  what makes  David  Cameron is  dangerous .I believe  it goes  like a sleep  walker  toward the door of exit  from the European Union “. It is not  in the national interest ,said  the leader  of the opposition  Labour ,  Ed Miliband on BBC. He ,also, said: Cameron’s plan  means  that  we will have a  referendun  on a deal,  which has not  started  with an unknown  outcome, so, it ‘s an incredible bet.                                                  “It is  in  the  national interest the country(Britain), to  remain in the European Union(E.U),  but  with a different  relationship. ”                                                                                  David Cameron-British prime minister                                       What is happening in the kingdom? The political scene, seems to be complicated, confused  and  not making enough sense or is, just,plain politics?                                                                                                                                               The fact is ,Mr Cameron, in the past has stated  he wants Britain  to stay  within  the European Union ,but  insists   that a redefinition  of its  relationship   with  the Union   is essential.                                                                        The core of Eurosceptic   Tories  press cameron to go further and make  a commitment   to  a refererendum   on the question   of staying or not Britain in the EU , the so-called  vote  “in or out”.At the same time, the  Anti-European  UK  Independence Party  is rising  steadily  in voting  intentions ahead of tories, the latest poll shows.Meanwhile, European Union is on severe ongoining  financial crisis, and correctly  Martin   Schulz(President  of the  European Union parliament) ,said:”We must not make a mistake, we are already  in crisis with Britain.                                                  Mr Cameron  on Monday -in his long  awaited – speech-will say , the  Eurozone  crisis  has caused  declining public support  in Britain  , a growing frustruation     and  he wants  a “new’ relationship  with the European  Union, downplaying  the  importance of  conducting  a referendum  seeking to retain  or not  the country in the European Union. He will ask for a  “new start”,  unbundling  of the country  by the measures   relating to  Police   and Justice  and the proposition  of “repatriation” in terms of social  legislation.Simply, less powers to Brussels, less Europe.                                                                                      At this point, i would  recommend   to read  my   previous  article(UK  does not  belong to the United States of Europe)  and you will see the connection   with Mr Cameron’s’ political actions(I would call it, a healthy reaction).            The United States of America ,would appreciate  the  UK  as part of a strong  European  Union, president  Barack Obama, has told to the media. This is  a direct  involvement  in the   European politics, but, why now?Because Mr cameron on monday will play a  little hardball  -a touch of blackmail(he, already mentioned, UK won’t collapse out of the  European Union)-but in the end he will agree to stay  in the Union  and  to   find a “special “‘ relationship(even ,United states of America “wants”  him to stay  within).However,  Mr Cameron won’t say anything ,about the real  causes of the   shift in   UK  politics.                                                                                                          The  Eurozone  is  facing  the inevitable  consequences  of the financial crisis  and is heading  towards  a fiscal and banking  union.All the political parties in UK  are  witnessing the desire  of the Eurozone member states  for a  deeper  integration,a pre- step  before the creation of the Federal Europe.        That is the explanation of the UK politics, the protection of  British  sovereingnty , the view of  not-ever  closer Union.                                                            The full integration of the Eurozone members  will require the full exit(BREXIT)  of the UK,and that means  the “new ”  relationship will have a form of a free trade aggrement.They want a  special and priviliged relationship with  the EU ,but, i do  not   know  if  is acceptable.   There are,alredy, voices   against it.  Perhaps, the future federal  Europe should treat  britain   the same way as  any other foreigner country.                                      The eurozone crisis  changes  everything.Now, we  know  the  real europeans(eurozone members) and the  others(The “financial partners”).      United   Kingdom   didn’t ,really, worry  about the EU future. I think ,always, the concern was about the Union’s   direction and ,now, time  has come and  UK   reacts  accordingly. Even the labour party that wants  Britain to stay in the Union(as a small player),  is not in favor of a Federal Europe.    UK  is no longer  exist as  world power ,the overall   global  influence   is limited  and  leaving the Union  won’t weaken the  European idea ,instead  will  strengthen   the Union  in the global arena.                                                              Now is the right time for Britain to take  the big step in the right direction(EXIT).The majority of UK citizens are not europeans, don’t feel europeans , don’t act  as europeans and  are in favor  of living  the EU, so, what is the reason to stay?  I understand ,Britain ,is  very careful , because the economy is still recovering   from the worst economic crisis  and  doesn’t  need a period   of  uncertainly,but, unfortunately , the time has come.                  Mr Cameron, your non-European  country  has nothing to do with the United States of Europe,so, it is time to open the gate.  I hope  on monday the British Prime  Minister  won’t  bluff,  playing politics . Mr  David Cameron ,you are  surrounded  by the European Union  wall .No matter what , always,  in front of you, will be a solid wall.                                                                                                   MR  DAVID  CAMERON, TEAR  DOWN THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE WALL,  and  free the British citizens   from the  Euro-chains.                                 The UK  exit will be a relief  for both    United States of Europe and Britain.        In case UK insists to stay, a pan-european referendum ,has to take place in      order  to force the exit. Mr Cameron, you are an elected president(not like the  unelected   brussels bureaucrats ) as many times you mentioned and lead  Britain  to its final destination:A  little island,  poor, isolated  with underdeveloped  areas, proud citizens  they live in the  ruins of a  never-come back Empire , off   the   coast of    the  greatest  superpower    of our time ,THE UNITED   STATES OF EUROPE.        NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                      

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