The People’s  Association -Golden Dawn,  usually  known simply  as Golden Dawn(Greek :χρυση αυγη), is  a right-wing extremist political organization in greece.Scholars and media descibe it as neo-Nazi  and fascist , although  the group   rejects  these labels.   WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia.                             The neo-nazi party of greece has experienced  a significant rise in popularity, over the past 2-3 years  with some polls placing  it  in the  second place  above  20%-22%  of the votes.                                                                                                    All started ,in December 1980,when the founder (michaloliakos) and  a group of  supporters  launched Chrysi Avgi  magazine , focused    on    National   socialism. Most of the greek  people  and around  the   european continent ,didn’t  know its  existence  until 2005 and later.                                                              At the very  beginning ,the organization don’t have  a connection  with the  political  ideology  of the greek  people.                                                                                Today, the  “ideology” and  “philosophy”  of the organization  is  related to  violence  against  all immigrants , ethnic minorities ,even  political opponents  in order to  “protect”  the country’s  heritage (Greek culture-civilization- philosophy-ancient greeks),  from  the other-nationalities’  blood   “contamination”.                                                                                                              How we get here? The neo- Nazis ,almost,  party-opposition  in the  greek  parliament?  What is next?  Neo-Nazi ,  greek goverment ?                                         Mainly  there are  three reasons:A) The negative impact of the  greek economy(financial   greek crisis). B) The general believe  that immigrants  undermine  the nation’s culture .C)The lack of  safety  and security,mostly, in   the big cities,  in  other words -to simplify- the  causes are :unemployment-xenophobia-poverty.                                                                                   As far as the  safety-security issue is  concerned  ,it is ,actually  true , the historic capital(downtown Athens),  has turned in a dirty ,drug use, poverty, sanitary hazards, crime,prostitution, and in general an unsafe place.                 I  am staying some months of the year in Athens and  i’ve seen this ,  and , yes , there is an increased  number  of burglars,robbers, due to immigrants.                The problem is  the  unprotected  northern borders  and European Union  must   help   and   provide a different immigration policy .The number of the  immigrants, also, must be downgraded.  A small nation(Greece)  of  eleven million people, just, can’t have two miilion  immigrants in a financial crisis situation.The country ,no longer, has   enough jobs to feed its own people.Due to  severe  financial  crisis, thousands of  greek  families  lost  the   middle  class  status, after  many  years of  prosperity. From  the  other side ,  there is  a rising   number  of    illegal  immigrants ,trying to  survive  in   not  a  friendly   environment. That  creates   a  “Perfect  Storm”   for  violance    and the rise of  the  far-right group.  The financial crisis has  changed  the country dramatically. People trust and support  the activities of   Golden  Dawn    because,  have no  faith in  the  current  political system.The  group replaces  police and government  services  in  poor areas ,where,  the state  has almost  ceased to function. The organization has links to  active  and retired  police and military officers. Poor  people  getting  free  meals  once in a day ,plus, clothes,money, e.t.c.   If  you call the  emergency  police number( similar to 911 in America) ,they redirect( by  suggestion)   you  to the Golden Dawn’s  offices for help.   The supporters  of  the  organization   are male and  females  aged 35-45 , of secondary  and vocational  background (not many at the higher education level), unemployed, unsatisfied citizens, ex-proffesionals ,ex-business owners. Basically, they are a  combination  of  anarchists ,  depressed and  mentally ill people, ex-communists, leftists, ex-junta supporters, ex- royals  supporters, poor and food-hungry citizens, ex-socialists,   fascists,unemployed, football hooligans,  right-wing  extremists.                                                                                                                                         My  personal  opinion -based  on the facts and  observation – is  the  threat of  Golden Dawn   is over-estimated.The organization hasn’t  a political agenda ,political philosophy,views, the structure of a political party.                                   The rise  of the neo- nazi organization,it’s a simple reaction(i call it, punishment)  against all political parties in the past three decades, a reaction against  the 4.5 million unemployed, against the  multiple austerity measures  that have reduced the family income at least by 35%-45%, the fears not to be able to feed the family, the fears to walk  on the streets after midnight, fears of being thrown out  of the eurozone  and return  to old weak (worthless)  drachma ,fears of xenophobia(immigrants overruning the country).The politicians  are full responsible for the $450 billion, national greek dept and should be punished  without conditions.                                             Personally, i refuse  to accept  that a facist organization  fits in a nation  like greece ,a  country generally  considered  the cradle of western civilazion ,the  birthplace of democrasy .The country  is not , and , never  will slip in the grip  of nazism. The european continent  in the  new form(United states of europe) ,always, will be the cradle  of civilization, rule of law,freendom of people and ideas, respect of humans rights,free  movement of people and goods, the place for new technologies and  inventions,  common democratic values  and standards with universal relevance.                                                             There will never be, in the united states of europe,such activities as  racist, violance against immigrants and minorities,  vadalism, threats, descrimination, killings, and  all the rest  characteristics of  Golden  Dawn.      Finally,  my own message to the neo- Nazi  organization. ” Greece,  does  not belong  to  greeks,  germany to  germans,   austria to  austrians,  italy  to italians ,e.t.c.We all  belong to our big  european family, the United states of europe. We have our national identity(Europeans), and citizenship(United  states of europe citizen). The official  creation of  our country  is very near, more   than  you can  imagine.In the years to come,  will be a golden dawn,   not  this horrible, stupid, fascist, neo- Nazi, disgusting  party( which is really, a terrorist  organization).    The real   European  Golden Dawn   is on the rise,  the   Golden  Dawn  of  the    UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                                                                                                                      NICK      ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                                                                                                                      

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