“National socialism  will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order”                    ADOLPH  HITLER  ,world war ii                                                              “Further  global progress is now possible only through a quest for  universal  consenus in the movement towards a new world order”.     MICHAEL CORBACHEV, UNITED NATIONS,   December 7,1988                                                         New world order(NWO),as a conspiracy theory, refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.                                                                                     New world order(NWO),in politics, has been used to refer to any period of history evidencing  a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power.Despite various interpretations ,in general, is associated with the word ,”international governance”.Similar terms are global peace,global secutity,intenational safety,one-world government,globalization,global governance.European union falls to this category.In the european continent,in 1951 came the european coal and steal community(CSC), later on transformed to european economic community(ECC) and   then  european union(EU),numerous  treaties and institutions, the european central bank(ECB)  and the euro currency followed. Always,the hidden ultimate goal was the political union ,the united states of europe.So,where is the NWO going today?  With the south european  nations -greece,italy,spain,cyprus,portugal-in the verge of financial collapse , nationalism is rising and are putting local(national) interests ahead of  the european interests.This is very wrong approach for the simple reason, if the dept-nations  resist the  united states of europe(refuse to abandon  their sovereignty), will be left alone and the return to 50’s and 60’s status will be  unavoidable.The past three years,headlines,from around the globe, assume, the collapse of the eurozone is very near and that means the end of euro  and ultimately the return  to national currencies and even the break-up of the european union. However  , europeans, have opposite views.There is no such an intention  for giving up  the federal europe and i personally think, this could be a gold opportunity  to push the idea of a federal europe closed to the united states of europe.The  solution of european union’s problems, involves lowering  borrowing cost for southern  european member states,devalue euro currency ,e.t.c.  The real problem  of the union(stop, blame other countries for that)  is growth.The manufucturing sector is in  decline over the past two decades.A new industrial policy must target  manufucturing to spur economic turnaround.In simple words,somehow ,europe has to reinvent itself.Out of ashes  of the financial  euro-crisis, a united states of europe  will arise and this will be the new world order.The past  decade,the globalization impact on  both european union and united states of america is obvious.Both are in a path of decline  while  we are experiencing the rise  of Asian and  Latin powers.The western world  is on great dangerous and i am very concerned about the oppurtunities  in the pacific region. I hope the united states of america won’t turn to pacific, downgrading its transatlantic orientation. The creation of the united states of europe will change the current(not so clear,anymore) world order ,which  is  been  controlled  by the united states of  America with the european union alliance plus a few more nations.In this global era, united states of(America and Europe) must lead the global effort to build  a stronger and  more international order, providing the right leadership.New economic giants like India and China,are out of a  US- led global governance structure.That is the   only way for europe to be important to the new world order.Is this new world order will, assist, in the establishment  of a world union without tariff walls , without borders ,a regognised world government , a universal political,fiscal,monetary union,a universal currency and a world army?I’m gonna have to analyze those issues in my future posts.Overall,even  though, is very difficult to predict the future world structure, the globalization process of the last decade points out to the unification of the major continents  of the planet.As far as our european family concerned, we should speed up the process for the unity of our country ,THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.      NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS.

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