1. The United Kingdom(Great Britain and nothern ireland) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental europe.It is unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system.            WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia .                                                                                        “Britain has lost an empire but has failed to find a role” U.S secretary of state  ,Dean acheson,1952                  As i have explained in my previous posts, the united states of Europe(currently,european union-EU), is in an era of severe transformation.The endless financial crisis has forced european union towards “more europe”, a model of federal union of states which  leads to absolutely status of the united states of europe.This transition period is exactly opposite with UK’s view for less europe.Let’s take a quick look the relationship with european union.UK joined ECC(european economic community) in 1973.At the time,was very good idea to be a member of the community,however ,since then,gradually but steadily the european community  has been transformed to what we call today,european union. The next and final step towards the federal superstate-united states of europe-will require  economic and political union,abandon national sovereignty and everything else, is required.UK’s vision of  european union  is a europe  where countries relished their separate  national identies.My personal approach to the subject of this post is more theoretical and social but academically very simplistic ,due to the nature of UK citizens.After so many years in the european union, do not seem to understand  that the empire is gone  and will never come back again.UK citizens are completely disconnected from the EU.Geographically,britain falls within the european continent,however,not considered european by most of  the eurozone member states. British political and social  culture differs  from that of continental  europe.They don’t even  have the same values and history.The european continent systems (cultures-legal-governing-policies-education) are very different   from those of britain(more liberal).Most  of UK citizens think are better than other europeans.What they, really,do not know is that  the same thoughts  most europeans have  against them(germans,french,italians,greeks,e.t.c, always, believe, are in much higher level than brits .UK is closer to european continent but more similar to culture and language  to english speaking world(USA-AUSTRALIA-CANADA-NEW ZEALAND- SOUTH AFRICA).Statics shows  most brits don’t consider themselves europeans.basically, identify themselves as british,only.The main reason for not adopting the euro currency was  that would undermine  british national identity.The last years,due to severe eurozone financial crisis, many voices have called  for a referendum on whether  want to stay in a EU single market.It’s seems to me Great Britain  is turning away  from EU and this is very good news for the united states of europe.The real(outrageous) vision of british citizens  for the european union is called E.F.T.A(european free trade association).The british government  has nothing in common  with europe.              An example to understand the cultural difference between uk and europe is the rubbish opening ceremony of last summer olympic games in london.The british don’t want to be part of further integration in such  crucial issues as  foreign and defence policy. Britain  knows very well,doesn’t  want to be part of a powerfull centralized europeam mega-state. My opinion about the solution  of this problem ,always, has been one:A full exit will be essential for both united states of Europe and  UK. It is time to go different ways and in case britain change their minds, united states of Europe  has to force them out.Only the eurozone member states will be and should be the main core of the united states of Europe.We don’t have time to waste  with non-european nations like england.Let’s make our dreams come true.Let’em go now or force them to leave,that’s the only and only solution  that serves both interests.I ,honestly, hope some day england will enjoy being an offshore island off  a united states of Europe.   We have to start ,immediately, the final integration step, towards our country,the new rising empire and for the glory of  the  UNITED    STATES OF EUROPE.   NICK  ALEXANDROPOULOS     
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