The eurozone crisis has entered a new phase.The permanent survival of the european union project will be determined by the political transition to a more closed europe(united europe) as many politicians think, a federal europe(so many voices across the continent, about this) or  to what i believe as the best solution,which is the direct creation of the rising superpower,our country,the united states of Europe. International law is divided in three  categories:customery law-contractual law-constitutive law.United states of europe(currently E.U) by a succesion of treaties,the member states,have established a series of supranational authorities,whose decisions can even overrule national parliaments enactments.However,european integration should’t have any limits and i would like to see the european citizens to abandon their national sovereignty overnight.The sooner,the better for the entire european continent.The political reality says, there is no alternative.    As we all know,globalization is a process as a result of which the world becomes more connected and more dependent on all its subjects.It’s a result of a complicated processes(political-social-economic-civilizational and many others).A significant point  of the globalization is the economic nature.My point is,nowdays the idea of states-nationals really changed.That means,,there is a clear redusing sovereignty across the globe and  applies,perfectly,to some european nations.They can’t afford to keep their national identies anymore,another words  national sovereignty has become an old fashion issue.To my opinoin,the lost of national  sovereignty,is not a problem,it is the solution to the problem.Day by day in a globalized world with the emergence of multi-national entities,the powers of that national sovereignty becomes more and more limited and controlled,so,what’s the point?As far as our european family concerned, at this point,due to sever crisis ,european states should first give up sovereignty and then receive financial aid.We should not fear for the loss of  national freedoms but the loss of individual freedom and personal prosperity.Furter federalization in europe,will erase all the dangerous situations,because,the results of the financial crisis shows  nationalism is gain strength because states are becoming more weak,ecomically,but also can’t be measured.              Now, is the right time to stay focus  to  the integration process, the transformation of national sovereignty to the suprastate sovereignty level, which is -to my understanding – inevitable for the creation and GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                       NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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