• A potential superpower is a state or a political entity that is speculated to be,or to be in process of becoming,a superpower at somepoint in the 21century.States most commonly mentioned as being potential superpowers are:china,brazil,japan,india,russia and the european union.                                 WIKIPEDIA  the free encyclopedia                                     “I trust that the  european family may act united  as one under the council of europe.I look forward to a united states of europe.”    WINSTON CHURCHILL, 1942                                                                                                                     When the european union officialy began in 1950 ,as   the(ECSC)european coal and steel community,it was a purely economic confedaration built for the purpose of helping  europe recover from the war and fend off the growing communist threat.                                                        Despite  the eurozone crisis,the united states of europe(currently,E.U) is,still, the world’s largest exporter, a leading supplier of goods to developing countries,the largest trading partner of each of the BRIC countries(brazil,russia,india and china),the largest provider  and recipient of foreign direct investment(FDI) in the world,the largest trading partner of the united states of America.United states of europe, economy,in 2011, produced  $15.6 trillion and ranks first in the list of world economies.The euro currency didn’t collapse at all,actually,is still above the $1.30 range,against the U.S dollar,that means the financial world  still believes and  supports the currency.                                                        Look at us(europeans), today:we have the european parliament,the european council,the european commission,the council of the european union,our european central bank,the european court of justice,the european court of auditors,our currency, the euro,U.E.F.A(the union of european football associations),FIBA europe(european basketball association),EUROVISION(music awards),E.B.U(european broadcasting union),CANNES(european films awards),our european union passport and the  list goes on and on.                                                                                                I ,personaly,see, the eurozone crisis as  a  great opportunity.A new europe(the last step of the integration), the united states of europe will soon emerge out of the current financial ashes.Many politics and financial leaders are already calling it a european superstate,i just,call it the united  states of europe.The european union leaders know well,the union is not working,properly.Europe needs to stand up ,to be honest to millions of europeans and to explain  that we have to give up ,the left overs of our national sovereignty, in order our european integration project to be completed.That means the three aspects of federalism:political federalism,fiscal federalism,monetary federalism.In addition to that,common security(EUROSEC),energy,climate,the creation of E.I.N.S(european immigration and naturalization service),foreigner policy,united states of europe military,all, administered by the united states of europe federal goverment.                                                                                  Finally, i would like to use the words of european commission president,jose manuel barroso.’We have come a  long way in europe,learning lessons from the crisis.But recent developments demonstrate that we must look further to complete the architecture of our economic  and monetary union.” That’s right,the operating system of the E.U ,doesn’t work ,let’s move on to the creation of our country,the united states of europe , the beginning of our european supremacy and the endless GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.          NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS                                                             
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