Europe used to be divided into four traditional cultural areas:The atlantic fringe,the plain,the alpine area and the mediterranean.Since the increase in modernization in the 20th century,these areas are not often referred to anymore.At this point,it’s very clear to me,there is a transitional situation across the continent,as “new europeans”,blends with the “old” ones.New europeans,are,people who live(most of them) in another member state of the EU or even in a non-european country.Basically,are children of migrants,mixed couples,international students,expatriates,international bussines people.Their parents and grandparents have been born in the same country and have lived there for all of their lives.They have became EU citizens because their country of origin has become EU member.In that picture,we should add the increased immigration to europe,since 1980,as a result of people from developing countries wanted to escape war,poverty,oppression,natural disasters,religious issues,e.t.c Most european nations today have sizeable immigrant populations.Can E.U(european union),be more like united states of europe in its attitude toward immigrants?Well,the questions,actually,are:A)do we believe to a multicultural nation?B)are we willing to take people from around the world?My personal thougts have been inspired from my 15 years stay in the united states of America.There is an ongoing discrimination situation against all foreigners at the very beginnig (mostly in rural states,like,ohio that i used to live),however,after the years and despite your ties with the mother country,you realize that you be a patr of the society of your new country.As far as ,the kids borned by foreigners,through tranditions,society,schooling e.t.c ,there is not a single chance ,not to adopt the new country,as their own country.Let’ get  down to the crucial point ,now: Europe at this point,doesn’t seem so prosperus as used to be,however,what the united states of europe is going to do with its immigrants and which immigration policy will be more efficient?Key point of the function of the european melting pot is the process of Europeanization,the growth of a  european continental identity above national identities,that will lead to pan-european identity(european identification-europatriotism),In order for this process to be achieved,only, a united states of Europe government will be able to overcome national(old fashion) identities.Europe has to move forward from the old fashion stage to the new  modern(multicultural) stage.We have to support the idea of a mixed culture(even in a minority level),or,the forseable european future,is not very clear.European citizenship is been determined by bloodline.It’s about time to be replaced by the place of birth.Let’s choose the full integration of all immigrants through citizenship.let’s create an equal opportunity for everyone,without regard to race,color,sex,religion,national origin,age,disability.We don’t know the dynamic of the coming generations of the immigrants.Let’s make the united states of europe, a home for them and a better place to live.In the end of the day,i’m sure, we’ll benefit from  the integration,FOR THE GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.     NICK ALEXANDROPOULOS.  

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