The present eurozone crisis has shown the failure of the entire european political system(leftist-socialist policies,crushing economies due to huge national debts,social(socialist) servises that lead to economic inefficiency,low productivity,an overpriced euro currency,e.t.c                                                   A significant example,the state of greece,is a clear one,insted of privatization, hard work,investments and focus on the growth of the economy,the people continued to waste time and money in stupid protests that lead to nowhere.Europeans must put their act together  and work towards a union with one constitution,one economy(the largest in the world),one foreign policy(rule the world fair and balanced) and one strong army(greatest,ever).A common political approach has to be introduced that will develope and coordinate all policies.A fiscal union has to be created,based on the political union as i mentioned.In addition to that the pan-european social security system,the european tax system as soon as possible.The fiscal union will provide the ability to make structural reforms for all of the states.The starting point of the direct creation of the united states of europe should be the introduction to the united states of europe constitution(i will explain and analyze this issue, in a future post).Let’s give the green light for the creation of our country,the united states of europe.Two superpowers on both sides of the atlantic(U.S.E and U.S.A),are the only guarantee for freedom,growth,economic development,security,prosperity for the rest of the world.FOR THE GLORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.                         NICK ALEXANDROPOU                            

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